During my training camp I decided to first test my wetsuit on a easy 400 m warm up, followed by 10x100m fast start 1:20 and 400m cool down.

It was rather easy to put the wetsuit on. The only thing missing are some soft gloves to protect the suit from some nail marks. After 10 minutes I was zipped up in my suit.
It feels really good. The arms are really easy to move. The whole wetsuit does not give you the feeling of being tight. You feel free like in normal swimming trousers. However the arms are slightly to long. I am 1,82 and got an L size wetsuit.
Now the real test starts. In the water the wetsuit does not feel too big or too wide.
It feels really good. It gives me the perfect bouyancy and still allows full movement.
Now I started to swim and my split times are brilliant. Something between 1:05 and 1:10 on every 100m on the long lane. Couldn't be much better. So time wise I can only give a brilliant feedback. It feels good in the water.
The only small point for adjustment would be the compression.
The wetsuit could be a bit shorter on the arms and compress more. 
I have been a proffessional swimmer before and am used to high compression.
I am really looking forward to use it in my first real competition.