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Dare2Tri introduces the latest of the MACH Series

The bare essentials: MACH4S 0.5
Redesigned for 2017, the bare MACH4S 0.5 is faster than ever with enhanced comfort to go the distance. The MACH4S 0.5 model is fitted with improved shoulder flexibility. New to the market, the 0.5mm neoprene is ultra-thin giving the swimmer the "bare sensation" and allowing for a great range of motion through the back and shoulders. Finer details have also been added to the suit to improve body position in the water and reduce water friction while giving extra propulsion.   

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Men's MACH4S 0.5 wetsuit

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Dare2Tri Innovation Never Stops!

Swimming is unlike any other sport. It is unique in its training methods and its physiological demands on the athlete. Every small and intricate detail of technique counts! From the positioning of the head and body to the different phases of a swim stroke, breathing and cadence. These are just a few elements that when done correctly and in concert can give a swimmer huge gains in the water.

We at Dare2Tri understand that going faster is not an easy process but rather a lifelong journey. For the average Joe swimming can be intimidating, leaving one not knowing where to start with limited pool time. Whether a top level swimmer or newcomer to the sport, everyone seeks improvement through logging more pool hours, technical work, nutrition, and looking to the market for the latest products to enhance their swim times.

The competitive and growing market has positively challenged us to research, produce and test a suit that delivers more speed than we have seen. Dare2Tri has one mission to make you go faster. Our upgraded MACH4S 0.5 brings the feel of swimming back to the swimmer, thereby increasing swim efficiency. By reducing the thickness of the neoprene in key areas, Dare2Tri now offers speed as never seen before on the market.

Break your Personal Best with Dare2Tri.

Technical features

Details: from collar to ankle

Dare2Tri has reduced the neoprene thickness in the arms by 2/3. While the new MACH4S 0.5 does not look much different from its predecessor, the newest wetsuit enhancements improve flexibility, durability and reach. The latest MACH4S is equipped with an ultra thin 0.5mm bullet proof neoprene reinforced with an Ultra Flex lining throughout the arms, shoulders and under arm. This gives the swimmer a 360° rotation of the arm with zero resistance, therefore allowing the swimmer to get more reach with less effort. When swimming greater distances, this benefit is multiplied as it reduces upper body fatigue.

The elasticity value: 2. 13
Lining elasticity: 2.10
Recovery: 100%
Thickness: 0.5mm
Water friction: 0.056%
Bullet Proof: Fingernails cannot cut the fabric.
Body Position:
In order to minimize drag, swimmers must create as little resistance to the water as possible by maximizing body positioning. When developing the MACH4S 0.5, we spent considerable time testing and analyzing the body position in the water, at the Swim Lab, against the drag being produced. Studies concluded that body positioning is controlled by the buoyancy in the hips and stability through the core versus buoyancy in the legs. With this useful data, Dare2Tri designed stability panels in the wetsuit to provide more buoyancy than any other part without exceeding the maximum allowed thickness for competition. The Mach4S 0.5 boasts increased compression around the mid-section and core to provide stability so that the swimmer can hold better form for longer in the water. While the thickness and density of the neoprene are important for buoyancy, the amount and positioning of panels, as well as the Ultra Flex lining used, are key factors to optimizing body position in the water. It is commonly known that neoprene is measured in cell density. The greater the number of cells, the more buoyant and stretchable the neoprene; however, it is also softer and less durable. The MACH 4S 0.5 has the 'right' mix of neoprene used with varying cell values in critical panels of the suit along with the use of our "Glide Skin" coating making this wetsuit buoyant, flexible and durable. For Thicknesses & Cell values see below the drawing: The MACH4S 0.5 does not exceed the maximum 5mm thickness according to ITU, ETU, WTC regulations!
Water Friction:
Similar to the laws of aerodynamics where cyclists use equipment to minimize the surface area they present to the wind, swimmers can also benefit from the smoothness of the neoprene to reduce drag and improve hydrodynamics. Dare2Tri 's flagship wetsuit, the MACH4S, has a unique and exclusive “Glide Skin “coating. The "Glide Skin" coating is a non-washable zero friction coating that seals the cells of the smooth skin minimizing water friction. Further the MACH4S 0.5 seams are smooth and in line with the direction of water flow to reduce drag. (close up Photo glide skin)
Force is equal to the rate of change of momentum. In other words, creating force leading to movement is produced by the arms, legs, body and the rotation of the body. The MACH4S 0.5 has integrated "Grip Panels" in the forearms to help you apply greater force and pull back on the water for longer with a complete follow-through. The “Grip Panels” allow water to circulate between the ribs on the forearm, allowing the swimmer to catch and pull against the water more efficiently thereby generating more force. The MACH4S 0.5 has gone one step further and have integrated "grip panels" on the shins of the legs to enhance the swimmer's propulsion and kick. Vertical movement of the legs translates into a vertical and diagonal force which results in forward movement.
A: water circulation in the ribs.
Fit: The MACH4S 0.5 is made out of 23 panels to ensure a tailored fit.
Last but not least, swimming is FUN and all about enjoyment! The MACH4S 0.5  gives you the freedom and a fish-like, smooth, hydrodynamic and fast feeling.
Mach4S 0.5, the best in innovation and ingenuity!


Collar: 2 x 1mm
The collar is made of Glide Skin with a thickness of 2 x 1mm: a double layer of Glide Skin on the skin in order to prevent water ingress, allowing the collar to stick to your neck as it were, which moves along as a result, thus preventing chafing. The closure on the rear is reversed*. We are the only wetsuit brand to have selected this; the reason being that, in the unlikely event the suit is closed incorrectly, only the soft Velcro will touch the skin. We are fully convinced that our wetsuits (all models) are free of chafing.
Shoulders and armpits: 0.5mm Duraflex
The shoulders and armpit section are more or less the most important! We have created the arms as well as the armpit section using the most flexible material available on the market. The super smooth Glide Skin on the outside, aided by a lining of pre-stretched 4-way Super Stretch, ensures that you have maximum freedom of movement. This also means that, when removing the wetsuit, there is no resistance at all and you are out of the wetsuit in no time, which ensures minimal changeover time.
Grip panels: 2.5mm
The MACH4S is equipped with grip panels on the inside of the forearms and on the shin. The ridges in the grip panels ensure low water turbulence, creating better propulsion around the forearms and lower legs. This ensures a stronger arm and leg stroke, and therefore a more effective swimming stroke.
Upper chest panel: 2.5mm
This 2.5mm thick upper chest panel enables you to lie in the water without a hollow back, allowing you to generate an effective thrust from the hips with your leg stroke. This panel also ensures extra freedom of movement and space during your recovery stroke. This is clearly noticeable, especially over long distances.
Main body panel: 5mm
The 5mm thick main chest panel ensures buoyancy, which makes you go faster and gives you a better lying position in the water, delaying the onset of fatigue. The ITU and ETU, as well as Ironman and Challenge, have imposed a maximum thickness of 5mm. By using our 44 cell rubber we have further increased the airflow inside. This way, we do not exceed the thickness but generate even more buoyancy.
Body panel stability
The body panel is made in such a way that it ensures you will lie tightly in the water tightly, the compression ensures a stable position in the water, as well as less body volume, which means lower resistance. The lining on the inside is a 4-WAY Super Stretch, which is, however, a little less stretchable due to the aforementioned, and especially because this prevents water from accumulating around the torso in the event that water enters the wetsuit – the latter would make the suit, and you, heavier, causing you to lie lower in the water, and reducing speed.
Stability panels: 5mm for men, 4mm for women
The so-called stability panels on the hips are new in the MACH4S. These stability panels help you adopt the ideal swimming position in the water (for less experienced swimmers) or support this position (advanced swimmers). These 5mm panels and the 2.5mm thick upper chest panel enable you to lie in the water without a hollow back, allowing you to generate an effective thrust from the hips with your leg stroke.
From the upper leg to above the knee: 5mm
In order to prevent the legs from sinking down especially over longer distances, the upper leg panels are 5mm thick, and the embossed V shapes here also ensure acceleration.
Knee panels: 2.5mm
The front as well as the back of the knee is equipped with 2.5mm Glide Skin 4-way Super Stretch, as this simplifies the leg stroke.
Lower leg Aqua grip panel: 3.5mm
The MACH4S is equipped with Aqua grip panels on the shin. The ridges in the grip panels ensure low water turbulence, creating better propulsion around the forearms and lower legs. This ensures a stronger arm and leg stroke and therefore a more effective swimming stroke.
Calf panel: 2.5mm
The calf panel is equipped on the inside with our unique 4-way pre-stretched Super Stretch, which together with the Glide Skin on the outside and the obliquely cut opening, makes it possible to remove the wetsuit without any effort at all.
Back leg panel: 3.5mm
With a thickness of 3.5mm, this panel makes it possible to achieve a perfect water position. If it were thicker, it would cause a hollow back and if it were thinner it would cause too low a position in the water.
Back panels: 3.5mm
The back panels are not only there in order to ensure extra buoyancy, but they are an extension of the shoulders as well. This is why 3.5mm was selected with 4-way Super Stretch lining in order to obtain more freedom of movement as well as the additional buoyancy.
YKK zip
The zips have a metal runner, which ensures gradual opening and closing. Following a survey held among our Dare2Tri Int followers, we decided to have the zip closing from the bottom up. The vast majority indicated this is to be preferred to a top to bottom zip.


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